Global elderly care performance report

Swedish Care International (SCI), December 2014

The global demographic changes with a rapidly ageing society are one of our current and future biggest challenges. To develop and implement sustainable, scalable and economically manageable ways to offer the ageing population a dignified, caring and engaging life will require significant efforts. Today, we are lacking effective forms of benchmarking, experience and learning between regions and countries. In addition, there is also a lack of good comparative data as well as an overview that can contribute to the systematic development and effective discussions between business management, professional groups, families and policymakers.

SCI aims to establish an annual measure (index) of the effectiveness and efforts in managing the ageing population across various countries. This measurement refers to its starting point in the disease panorama, health economic and demographic data as well as in capturing views from various key stakeholders, which include the director of senior housing and healthcare politicians at a local, regional and national level and also the representatives from professional groups such as trade unions and professional organizations, regarding the care in each respective country.

Inspired by the World Economic Forum’s annual survey of countries’ performance and competitiveness, SCI is adapting the concept to develop a questionnaire (index) that focuses on the respective country’s elderly care performance and competitiveness instead. SCI intends to carry out a pilot Global Elderly Care Performance Report together with partners in selected countries to conduct the first analysis during the period of January to March 2015 so as to compile and present the findings by May 2015. Based on this experience, the idea is to scale up the analysis with a growing number of countries being involved in future.

At present, SCI is looking for a primary partner in each country who will be responsible for collecting data based on the instructions and the templates provided by SCI. Each partner will have the chance to establish itself as a recognized centre of excellence in tackling the current and future challenges of elderly care and receive significant media interest at the annual launch of the global measurement as well as the opportunity to participate and present their findings at the annual meetings with relevant decision-makers.