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Dementia Day Clock


This clock, with no abbreviations, has been designed to help senior citizens living with Dementia or early stage Alzheimer’s, who often lose the ability to distinguish between days of the week and cycles of the day. This disorientation can lead to agitation and confusion. This Dementia Clock clearly displays the DAY OF THE WEEK & cycle of the day, whereby each day is divided into 4 cycles – Morning, Afternoon, Evening & Night. The start time of the day cycles are easily customizable to the customers preferences. It has an internal clock whose time is adjustable via the menu setup buttons. Helps with time orientation for the period of the day, without the need to know the exact time. The Day Clock is a great aid & self help product for anyone experiencing Dementia, Alzheimers or memory loss.


Product Description

  • Clearly displays the DAY OF THE WEEK & cycle of the day with no abbreviations. Helps differentiate between day and night.
  • Each day is divided into 4 cycles, Morning, Afternoon, Evening & Night. No more confusion with AM and PM notations.
  • Actual time is not displayed. No confusing numbers. Bright & Bold letters that are clear and easy to read from across the room.
  • This day clock is ideal for people living with memory loss, Dementia or early stage Alzheimer’s. SET UP; may require initial Time Zone adjustment by a capable person.
  • Overall Dimensions: 8.5″ wide x 6.5″ high x 1.5″ deep (3.25″ deep with Kickstand) 7″ diagonal display screen. Can be used free standing on a desk or wall mounted. The clock requires an A/C adapter (included) to operate. Does not run on batteries.



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