Automatic Pill Dispenser

///Automatic Pill Dispenser

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Automatic Pill Dispenser


  • Medication up to 6 times daily
  • 28 compartments – each able to fit 18 aspirin sized pills
  • Portable and ideal for in-home use, or by caregiver facilities
  • 1 year manufacturer replacement warranty for defective units
  • Alarm rings for 30 minutes or until pills are dispensed

Product Description

Introducing the New & Improved Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser available exclusively from Group Medical Supply! Med-e-lert is an excellent medication management tool for individuals with dementia or memory loss. It is also a better way to manage medications for individuals with mental illness, vision loss, or those with complex medication regimens. NEW FEATURES : Six alarms instead of four. Set up for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 times daily. Louder alarm with blinking light. Improved locking mechanism with new barrel key for improved safety. Programming is retained in memory when batteries are removed or replaced.




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