Annika Ulfström, MD of Sanicare

Annika Ulfström, MD of Sanicare

Since 1990, Sanicare has been a supplier of living aids on the Nordic market. We offer a comprehensive range of aids, carefully designed in terms of form and function to facilitate our customers’ everyday lives and contribute to an improved quality of life. Purchasing products from us is safe and secure regardless of whether you are buying as a private individual, a business or a public body. Our warranties are long-lasting and based on the fact that your product should deliver what we have promised.

Sweden is our primary market, but we are also represented in more distant markets, such as China and Japan. We strive hard to provide all our customers with good service and to ensure that our product range meets customer expectations. Our product guarantee means that as a customer you always have the right to a product replacement or your money back if you aren’t satisfied or if the product doesn’t do what we have promised. Our offices are located in Falkenberg.

For dementia care, Sanicare has a number of high quality products. Long experience with these products means we know they work. Our products include bed protection in the form of sheet or mattress protectors. We offer glide sheets that facilitate turning individuals, both for assistants and for the individual themselves. We have lifting slings and moving aids. We have hip protection pants with soft pads that can be used overnight. Our well known special night clothes are available with different solutions to buttoning. And of course all of our products are CE marked according to the EU Medical Devices Directive. Please visit us at

Sheet Protector Lina

with strong bed tabs

SEK 179


Right shoulder opening

SEK 339


opening on both shoulders

SEK 399

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