Alzheimerfonden (The Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation) is a charitable fundraising organization. We grant funds to research in the area of Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases. Our vision is a world free from dementia. We also provide support for projects that can make life easier for sufferers and their relatives while research for cures is ongoing.

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are currently incurable and fatal. Every day about 70 people are diagnosed with dementia – just in Sweden. Worldwide the estimated prevalence of dementia is almost 47 million with 10 million new cases every year, implying one new case every 3 seconds.

Swedish dementia researchers are among the best in the world and the most promising projects receive funds from Alzheimerfonden. More funds are needed, however. And it’s urgent.

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I look forward to the future with confidence and hope that we will raise Alzheimerfonden to a new level and that we can continue to contribute substantial funds to the important research. My ambition is also that Alzheimerfonden will be established as an important and committed player in the struggle for a dementia friendly society.
Liselotte Jansson, Secretary-General

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The founder of DON’T FORGET ME is Anna KS Åberg. Her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease when Anna was 18. He was 55 at the time. “When my father fell ill I wanted to get in touch with others, apart from my family of course, in the same situation. I thought I could not possibly be the only youth in Sweden experiencing this. I wanted to find more people like me but found no forums. So I created DON’T FORGET ME in 2010. For five years a lot of people have joined my forum. With my 12-year-old long experience from Alzheimer’s disease in the family I can now help others in the same situation. DON’T FORGET ME has evolved into a brand involved in several areas: a community of (our supporters) relatives and people affected by dementia, selling of products that contribute money to research etc and spreading of AWARENESS of dementia. We do that in different ways, read more here:
The short explanation is AWARENESS, I want to raise or “provoke” the question of why it’s upside down – partly to open up to discussion of the jersey promotion but I also want to create openness and understanding about dementia. I would like to convey that life with dementia can be upside down – for all involved. When dementia enters into our lives, we must adapt and make new, redesign, create a new thinking and be creative. Both in our own lives and in response to those who have been denied it. It’s about acceptance, respect and love. We remove the taboos that one should be ashamed if things go wrong or different if you are affected.

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