New report on Alzheimer’s disease reveals global cost of dementia set to reach US $1 trillion by 2018

New research done by Alzheimer Disease International concludes that the global reach of dementia is bigger than previously estimated. The annual global cost of dementia is now estimated to be US $818 billion, a 35% increase from 2010 and is expected to reach US $1 trillion by 2018. This estimate represents 1.09% of the global GDP, meaning that if global dementia care were a country, it would now be the 18th largest economy in the world.

Furthermore, Alzheimer Disease International found that there are currently around 46.8 million people living with dementia around the world, with numbers set to increase to 74.7 million by 2030 and 131.5 million by 2050.

Currently 58% of all people living with dementia today reside in low and middle-income countries. Many of these countries does not have systems for offering support, information and education on dementia care. Furthermore, a lot of the information available online today is premised on local and national possibilities, leaving a large proportion of the worlds relatives and caregivers without proper support and information. To cope with this situation, Dementia Forum aims to provide easily accessible information and education that is trustworthy, evidence-based and applicable all over the world.

Read more in: The World Alzheimer Report 2015: ‘The Global Impact of Dementia: An analysis of prevalence, incidence, cost and trends’


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