Repetitive behaviour

Some people repeat certain behaviour over and over again. Some, for example, constantly open and close doors. The loud bangs can cause irritation. If the dementia patient appears to find some purpose to doing this, you can very simply put soft strips on the door or try to find other solutions for dampening the sound. Reprimands rarely work. To break a pattern of behaviour, something needs to be found that will provide a gentle distraction.

Good advice for handling repetitive behaviour:

    • Try not to point out the mistake the person with dementia is making when, for example, they keep opening and closing the door. 
    • Try to distract them from the behaviour with some other activity.
    • As mentioned, you could try to soundproof the door if this is a recurrent problem.  

Repetitive behaviour can occur, for example, with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, vascular and fronto-temporal dementia. To find out more about the diseases, click here.

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