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Remaining active and continuing to enjoy your hobbies and interests for as long as possible is highly important when being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This will not only stimulate your mind to stay alert, it can also help you cope with your disease, help you sleep better and prevent depression. While there may be certain things you are not able to do anymore, try to not pull away and focus instead on what you can do. Rather than refraining from activities or hobbies that you used to do, try to make some changes and adapt them to your current situation. You can also find new hobbies that you can enjoy in later stages of your dementia. Gardening, arts and craft or physical exercise are examples of stimulating hobbies that will keep you busy and active.

While it is important to remain mentally and physically active, another factor that influences your wellbeing is how socially active you remain. Maintaining a social life can sometimes feel difficult, it is however an important part of your life. When you feel strong enough, tell others about your condition and help them to understand you better. You want to avoid isolating yourself in order to prevent depression. If you take care of yourself and discuss your situation with the people you care for, you will be able to live a fuller life. However, remember that everything you do should be at your pace and that there is no need for you to rush through things.

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