Both our physical and mental health are positively affected through contact with nature and doing physical activity, which makes us feel better.

Just a short walk every day improves our health and well-being considerably. It is never too late to start being outdoors.

We don´t need to be physically active to benefit from being outdoors. Resting in open air, or in the garden also has an entirely different positive impact on our health than when we rest indoors.

There are several reasons why being outdoors has such positive impact on our health.

  • Sunlight helps us absorb vitamin D 
  • It promotes social life 
  • It improves sleep quality
  • It brings positive changes in brain activity

Natural areas, water and vegetation have a positive impact on our well-being. 

If you have a garden try to facilitate being out. Even if the one you care for cannot work in the garden just being present when others work has a positive impact and it gives you both a feeling of togetherness and a common subject to talk about and rejoice of.

A walk in a park or on a forest path helps train balance as gives you both a chance to partake in an activity that both of you can enjoy together.

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