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    My Mother has dementia and we were quite fortunate that despite being diagnosed over 8 years ago it has progressed very slowly until the last 12 months. Now my Dad(80 YO) is struggling to care for her but does not want to entertain the thought of nursing home care. they are not a couple of means, what can we do to get them help. As a note she occasionally does not know my Dad and usually needs to be reminded who her kids are. i am sure she thinks of us as much younger so does not put 2 and 2 together seeing her kids in their 50’s. my 13 year old daughter she does not remember and the house they live in (1200 miles away) is one she does not know at all despite living there for the last 14 years. she has wandered away 2x and required the police to be called. where do we turn when trying to convince my Dad to move back here between all his kids so we can help has been unsucessful.

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