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    I am new to the forum, trying to assist my “young” senior father transition to a retirement community (his second in 6 months) and to provide care from 600 miles away. He is very angry about the med management that the family and doctor requested, insisting that he never forgot to take his meds (he definitely forgot), and complains about being around old people all the time.  Though he has a lovely independent patio and dining room with great meal services, and the opportunity to participate in activities, he spends days sorting through papers, and now says he is moving back into his condominium that I had tried to get ready for sale.  I’m trying to respect his belief that he is more independent than he is, and understand his desire to be around people of all ages, but he forgets how miserable and lonely he was in his condominium and how we worried that he would take a spill on his stairs.  We gave some of his condo furniture away to the son of some friends of his in appreciation for all the help they had given with the move.  My father is now fixated on the furniture that was “stolen” from him, losing sleep every night.

    Some people I know have had success with CBD oil to quell anxiety in MCI/dementia seniors.  Curious if anyone here has had any experience with this.



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