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Having a loved one with dementia can be tough on the whole family, and as the disease progresses you might need help in providing care for your loved one. There is not one solution that fits everyone, it is therefore important to investigate what options you have and what solution that would fit you and your loved one. Not all areas have a developed support system for helping people with dementia, but many do. Bellow are some tips on care services that you can look into if you feel that more help is needed.

Home Care services

Whether your loved one live on their own at home or if you are caring for them yourself, getting some assistance could benefit both the you as a carer and the person you care for. Bellow are some common services:

  • Adult day centers can offer people with dementia a safe environment to participate in activities and meeting other people, while giving a full-time caregiver a much needed break.
  • Respite Care can be an option when you feel you need a temporary break from caring. Call on your friends or family to stay with your loved one or look into if your community offers any respite care services.
  • Home health services can offer both companionship, help with household chores as well as health aides and skilled nursing care.

Residential Care

As the dementia progresses your loved on will require more assistance to complete everyday tasks. If you have the possibility you can look into if there are any residential care options in your community.

  • Assisted living bridges the gap between living independently and living in a nursing home and typically offers support with daily chores and activities such as meal preparation and cleaning.
  • Nursing home is an option if your loved one needs skilled medical care and around the clock supervision.
  • Specialized dementia care facilities are designed to meet the needs of people with dementia. Some nursing homes have special units dedicated to people with dementia with personnel trained to care for people with dementia.

To learn more about your options talk to your doctor and look into if there are any local Alzheimer or dementia associations to give you further guidance.

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