Dementia plays a part in many accidents.

Research shows that more than half of the drivers who are older than 65 and who are killed whilst driving have changes in the brain which indicate a dementia illness. It is likely that most of them have not shown any signs or serious symptoms of dementia. A driver with a dementia illness does not only risk his/her own life but also that of others. Early diagnosis is important. A doctor should be contacted immediately if dementia is suspected. It is essential to start an examination as soon as possible in order to receive the correct diagnosis, assistance and treatment. Doctors examine the medical barriers and checks if there are medical reasons for not continuing to drive.

Persons with dementia do not have great difficulty in dealing with clutch levers and pedals. The symptoms of dementia initially become noticeable in stressful situations which involve processing a large amount of information and making quick decisions. Such a situation can be driving in heavy traffic or at crossroads. A dementia illness can, at an early stage, manifest itself in various ways. 

Warning signs include:

  • Not adjusting the speed to the traffic
  • Forgetting to switch off blinkers or windshield wipers 
  • Not paying attention to other road users
  • Difficulties in finding the way 
  • Usually gets lost when driving

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