Nature often feels familiar and welcoming, and contact with nature can stimulate a person’s imagination and power of insight.

Spending time outdoors can also be a pleasurable activity to do together, something to enjoy that will inspire conversation and thought or provide a distraction for a while. Experiences and activities outdoors have a positive effect on both mood and night-time sleep. 

Things to bear in mind when spending time outdoors: 

  • Nature close to home is preferable, ideally at ground level.
  • It should be easy to get out if a steady rail can be provided, for example.
  • Tracks and footpaths should be clearly visible.
  • Planting at slightly greater heights makes it easier for the patient to take part in gardening work.
  • Small birds feeding at the bird table can be interesting to watch. Ideally place the table so that it is also visible from indoors through a window.
  • In gardens and parks, seats should be provided at just the right intervals and both in the sun and the shade.

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