Below you will find a few short pieces of advice and tips on how to create a safe, secure and pleasant indoor environment. 

Do not forget that people with dementia, too, appreciate beauty and art, which can provide great inspiration both to the patient and to you as a family member. 

Tips for a better indoor environment

  • Light and lighting: Good lighting conditions in the home are important for recognising contrasts.
  • Choosing colour schemes is not just something you do to make things look attractive. Contrasts allow the patient to interpret their environment more clearly, making their life easier.
  • Dark surfaces may appear to be lower than light ones, so it is better to avoid dark rugs as they can be interpreted as holes.
  • Splash colours and mottled surfaces can be interpreted as being full of insects.
  • Doors and walls should be of different colours, or the doorframe should be painted in a separate colour to make it easier for the patient to find.
  • The handle should be of a different colour to the door.
  • Be careful when furnishing and by all means leave some old furniture in place. 
  • Choose a toilet seat in a colour that contrasts with the ceramic.
  • Mark around the light switches using a contrasting colour, for example using coloured tape.

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