Oral health is one of the major keys to eating and being able to enjoy the food. Eating is essential to keep the physical health and strength for old and frail persons.

It is very important to maintain the dementia patients oral hygiene and facilitate the daily routine of cleaning the teeth twice a day, each morning and each evening.

Tips to facilitate the daily oral hygiene routine.

  • Try to encourage the person to participate in the oral hygiene process as long as possible.
  • Let them start with cleaning their teeth as much as they can and then help out where it has been difficult to reach.
  • Use a soft toothbrush and fluoried toothpaste for best protection.
  • Floss daily if possible- ask you dentist for suitable device for easier access.
  • Try to find out the oral status, does the person have their own teeth or do they use any type of denture or implant?
  • If so the denture shall be removed and place in a cup of water during the night. Put a denture-cleaning tablet in the water.
  • Clean the denture next morning with a toothbrush and water before placing it in the mouth.
  • If the person has implants ask the dentist for advice how to facilitate the cleaning.
  • Have regular dental check ups. Preventive care can stop problems from occurring and keep minor problem from becoming mayor ones.
  • Eat well balanced diet that limits starchy or sugar foods. If these foods are served try to include it in the meal instead of as a snack to minimize the number of time the teeth are exposed to acid.

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