Nutrition is a factor in the progression of the disease. Eating sufficient quantities of food with the right nutritional content provides the energy to build up and maintain muscle strength, among other things.  Regular meals with the right nutritional content, and a good day-to-day rhythm that alternates physical activity and rest, provide the patient with the right conditions for a good day-to-day life.   

Cooking together can be an enjoyable activity. Taking part in the preparation, even if only as an onlooker, also stimulates the appetite and makes mealtimes easier. 

Tips for cooking

  • Assess how much the person is able to do for themselves.
  • Try to make things as easy as possible so that the person can remain active.
  • Plan the meals together. 
  • Think about safety! 
  • Label the cupboards and drawers to show where everything can be found, for example by placing a photograph on the outside of the cupboard to show the content.

Cooking inspiration

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