The diagnosis of dementia can come across as a major life-changing event for the person and their relatives in many aspects. The thought of having to live with a life-long condition that impairs one’s social life, career, financial situation, physical and psychological health can creates a great amount of stress, anxiety and fear. It is normal to be worried about what the future has in stall for you. In fact, you are never alone to face this. There are millions of people around the world who are diagnosed with dementia and are experiencing similar situations as you are. The Dementia Forum, a global community is specifically dedicated to battle dementia, and will be here to accompany and support you on this journey. Besides connecting you to others, it also allows you to derive the support and information you need to continue leading a high quality life.

When your life and your circumstances change, there are many aspects of daily life that you as a caregiver need to face up to and find out more about in order to enable you to cope. This section contains practical and specific advice regarding perfectly normal everyday situations for family members or other close relatives and friends caring for someone with dementia in the home.