A multidomain intervention for people at risk of dementia

The Lancet reports that a multidomain intervention improved cognitive functioning and reduced the risk of cognitive decline among older at-risk individuals. Over 1300 participants from the Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER), aged 60-77 and at risk of dementia, were randomly assigned to an intervention or control group. The two-year program consisting of dietary consultations, exercise, cognitive training and monitoring of vascular risk resulted in a better overall cognition and executive functioning and processing speed. Also, participants have corrected their dietary habits, improved their physical activity and their Body Mass Index (BMI). The intervention group performed an outstanding 25 to 150% better in cognitive tasks than the control one. Although no significant effect on memory was noted, post-hoc analyses showed some improvement on more complex memory tasks as well as on the risk of cognitive decline.

Authors emphasize that their study was the first of such magnitude and length. The participants’ cognitive functioning will be further followed up to verify the persistence of the improvement.

A conclusion for anybody at risk of dementia: change your lifestyle to a healthier one and train your mind to prevent the disease, but do it big time!

Read more about the intervention in The Lancet

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