• BPA Quality Award 2015

    St. Anna-stift Kroge was awarded with the BPA Quality Award 2015 for implementing the Silviahemmet care Philosophy.

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  • Forum For Elderly Care Releases Memory Box! Application

    Memory Box! is now released as a communication tool for caregivers, family and friends of people living with dementia. The application contains visual, written and musical inspiration from the 20th century. Memory Box! is launched as a memory aid that supports social interaction. The essence of the functionality of Memory Box! is to deliver conversationRead more
  • Spread a little cheer

    We have launched a campaign to spread a little cheer amongst caregivers all over the world. Join us and share the Christmas joy by thanking a caregiver you know. It could be a friend, a relative or even a neighbour. Let them know how much their care means for you, for our community and our society.

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  • Alzheimer’s gene leads to more brain bleeding in men than in women

    The ApoE4 allele, a variation of a human gene ApoE responsible for transporting cholesterol and other fats through the bloodstream, is linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and impaired cognitive functioning as well as other health issues, like worsening the effects of traumatic brain injury. The risk of Alzheimer’s disease is greater for womenRead more

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