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    Learn more about dementia here, from its definition to symptoms and diagnosis.
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    Receiving a dementia diagnosis might come as a shock for you and your relatives. Read more here about what you can do to sustain and improve your quality of life.
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About Dementia Forum

Our ambition is to make daily life easier for dementia patients and family members, as well as for those who provide support and care at home.

Dementia Forum contains information and support, as well as specific advice and tips for those wishing to learn more about dementia; the practical approach and the challenges people face when caring for someone in a home environment.

Dementia Forum is aimed at family and friends of dementia patients and aims to offer support for those caring for family members in the home. Furthermore the site will offer insight on the challenges and difficulties that face those affected by dementia and those around them.


There are 50 million people with dementia in the world today.


Every 3 seconds someone gets dementia in the world


Between 60-70% of all unpaid dementia carers are women


The cost of dementia reached 1 trillion USD in 2018

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Dementia Forum is a space where family, friends, caregivers, professional care providers and people with dementia are all welcome to participate in discussions. We understand that the dementia journey may sometimes be as frustrating as much as it is beautiful in how it highlights the precious time we have with loved ones. Join us today and be part of the discussion by clicking here.

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