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”A shell of his former self”

Her father Jan was diagnosed with Frontotemporal lobe dementia.

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”Caring for our mother”

The sisters collected record sums in only one day – for their mother

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”Parent to her mother”

Hanna found help in the network for young relatives

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Apps for caregivers and relatives

Our three apps, Memory Box, Elderly Care and Dementia Support, contain information on how to relate to your elderly loved ones and/or someone suffering from dementia, as well as inspiration on how you and your relative can make life a little easier and more enjoyable along with tips for your daily life together. Available for iOS and Android.

Event Calendar

2nd Dementia Forum X

May 18th 2017, Stockholm, Sweden. Dementia Forum X is a biannual meeting that will take place at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  New goals will be set, new challenges identified and actions prompted – all with the purpose of taking one more step to a dementia free global society.

10th FENS Forum of Neuroscience

July 2-6 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark.FENS as an organisation represents close to 23.000 European neuroscientists with a clear mission to advance European neuroscience education and research.

Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

July 24-28 2016, Toronto, Canada. Join international investigators, clinicians and care providers as they gather to share the latest study results, theories and discoveries that will help bring the world closer to breakthroughs in dementia science.

10th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias

August 31 – September 2 2016, Munich, Germany. The ICFTD is now well-recognized as the primary venue for the synthesis, exchange and dissemination of research evidence related to FTD, where experts from diverse backgrounds share recent discoveries, insights and opinions.

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